The Warrior Project – Journal


A 130+page A4 or A5 sized spiral bound journal, full of worksheets that help support the 10 areas of growth covered in The Warrior Project.


The name – The Warrior Project is a play on words for people that worry. Anxiety is an everyday battle that a person with anxiety is constantly fighting. It is a “project” because our self awareness constantly evolves as we learn and age, and we are, hence, always under construction, a project.

The Logo – The logo includes 5 yoga poses known for their ability to either stretch the whole body to release anxiety or center the mind to focus on breathing. The byline – I am strong – kind – brave – flexible – wise – is the skill set that a person needs when faced with anxiety. It is the first mantra, developed to improve self-confidence and resilience.

Positive Message – While the journal doesn’t dismiss or shy away from the more challenging emotions, it doesn’t make it the primary focus. It is more about learning how to manage, cope and change our thinking patterns. It is full of quotes, mantras and inspiration maintaining a positive message though out the journal.

Simple black and white design –it encourages the user to get creative and use the journal, filling it with their own personality, colour and style.

Hand drawn style – Based on Bullet journaling the simple, non-confrontational design is developed to be open and usable. It helps encourage self-expression and relatability, allowing the user to add their own colour, drawings and sense of self.

Isometric Background – the very light dotted isometric background helps keep written text neat, lines straight and everything aligned.

Spiral Bind – The spiral bind helps with the journal’s usability and functionality, allowing both sides of the journal to be accessed more easily

100gsm paper – This thicker paper type prevents bleed through from the page behind

Size – the journal comes in 2 sizes;

  • a larger A4 size for those users with larger handwriting or a more visual thinking style
  • A smaller A5 size which is more portable and discrete and easily fits into a bag or briefcase
Dimensions N/A

A4, A5


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