Professional Standards Guide

Professional Standards Guide

The Little Black Duck Co. Pty Ltd Professional Standards Guide


Respect and Dignity: We embrace and respect the diversity and expertise of our clients, acknowledging their unique experiences and needs.

Client-Centred and Client-Led Care: Our services are tailored to individual needs, led by the clients themselves to ensure personalised care.

Confidentiality and Privacy: We maintain strict confidentiality, ensuring privacy in handling and sharing client information.

Competence and Neuroaffirming Practice: Our staff engage in continuous professional development, focusing on neuroaffirming and evidence-informed practices to support neurological diversity. We prioritise autistic informed research.

Communication and Transparency: We offer clear, accessible communication, with detailed policies available through multiple channels.

Accountability, Integrity, and Workplace Diversity: We adhere to the highest ethical and legal standards, with a commitment to workplace diversity and inclusivity.

Collaborative and Inclusive Approach: Our approach values diverse perspectives, fostering collaboration with all stakeholders in the care process.

Safe and Inclusive Environment: We ensure a safe environment that caters to physical, neurological, and psychological well-being.

Responsiveness and Flexibility: Our adaptable services meet changing client needs, always within ethical and legal frameworks.

Advocacy, Empowerment, and Neurodiversity: We empower clients by advocating for their rights and prioritising neurodiversity and autistic communication/ thinking styles in decision-making.

Commitment to Excellence: At The Little Black Duck Co. Pty Ltd, we are dedicated to high-quality, inclusive, and empathetic services, underpinned by our commitment to neuroaffirming practice and embracing workplace diversity.

For more detailed information on our Professional Standards, please request a copy of our comprehensive policy or downlooad it here

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