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Who we are

The little black duck is an autism specific service that focuses on improving the wellbeing of people in the autistic community.

We are lead by autistic centred research, the voices of the autistic community and our clients.

We follow a neurodiversity paradigm and recognise the autistic neurotype as a minority neurotype that sometimes needs support to navigate an environment not conducive to their neurology and nervous system.

We focus on supporting the autistic individual’s journey of self discovery as they uncover the inherent strengths of their neurotype and grow into their awesome autistic self.

What do we do

  • Promoting the physical and emotional well-being of autistic people. We focus on the individual’s strengths and work within a circles of support, capacity building and goal oriented framwork
  • We support capacity building to help improve functional life skills including social, communication, self-care, daily living, recreation, and employment
  • Support autistic people to set and attain individual goals
  • Support the autistic individual so they can transition to, access and maintain meaningful life experiences
  • Preplanning and support for NDIS reviews
  • Helping families, caregivers and individuals understand the impact of an autistic person’s neurotype on their daily functioning
  • Training and presenting
  • Undertaking quality of life, mental health and behaviour assessments and interpreting and explaining reports
  • Integrating modern off the shelf tech to help manage day to day activities
  • Developing and implementing behaviour support programs that take autistic neurology, sensory and communication differences into account
  • Providing case management, specialist support connections and liaising with families, service providers, allied health professionals, and community members to enhance the choice, social inclusion and quality of life for autistic people
  • Facilitating self-advocacy and / or advocate on behalf of autistic people

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