Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


  1. Commitment to Privacy: The Little Black Duck Co. Pty Ltd is dedicated to protecting client privacy, adhering to the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and NDIS privacy requirements.
  2. Collection of Personal Information:

    • We collect personal information via our website, direct interactions, and service provision.
    • Types of information include contact details, NDIS plan details, and other service-relevant data.
  3. Sharing of Personal Information:

    • Information is shared only when necessary for service provision, with client consent, or as legally required.
    • Third parties are bound by confidentiality obligations.
    • Overseas disclosures occur only with client consent or under legal compulsion.
  4. Use of Personal Information:

    • Information is used for service provision, customer support, service improvement, and, with consent, for communications about services and updates.
    • Website traffic data is used for improving user experience.
  5. Changes and Consent:

    • Policy updates will be communicated, and continued service use after changes implies acceptance.
    • Explicit consent is obtained for new information uses.
  6. Access to Personal Information:

    • Clients have the right to access and amend their information, subject to legal exceptions.
    • Requests for access are handled in writing, potentially with a service fee.
  7. NDIS Specific Provisions:

    • Adherence to NDIS privacy and confidentiality standards.
    • Use of NDIS participant information strictly for service provision under their plan.
  8. Contact for Privacy Concerns:


This Privacy Policy outlines how The Little Black Duck Co. Pty Ltd, accessible at, manages and protects the personal information of our clients. We are committed to providing an exceptional service experience, respecting the diversity of our clients, and ensuring the confidentiality and privacy of the information entrusted to us. We adhere to the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) privacy requirements.

Collection of Personal Information:

  • We collect personal information through various means, including our website, direct interactions, and service provision.
  • Types of information include client names, contact details, and information necessary for tailored service provision.
  • For NDIS participants, we collect information pertinent to their NDIS plan and service requirements, with a focus on neurodiversity and individual needs.

Sharing of Personal Information:

  • Personal information is shared only when necessary for service provision, with explicit consent, or as required by law.
  • Third-party service providers are strictly bound by confidentiality and privacy obligations.
  • Overseas disclosures will only occur with client consent or when legally mandated.

Use of Personal Information:

  • Collected information is used to provide client-centred and neuroaffirming services, customer support, and service improvement.
  • Opt-in communications may include service updates or promotions, respecting client preferences.
  • Website traffic analysis is conducted using non-personally identifiable information to enhance user experience.

Changes and Consent:

  • Any changes to our privacy practices will be communicated via updates to this policy. Continued engagement with our services signifies acceptance of these changes.
  • We commit to obtaining explicit consent for any new uses of personal information, reflecting our client-led approach.

Access to Personal Information:

  • Clients have the right to access and amend their personal information, in line with legal exceptions.
  • Access requests can be made in writing, and a reasonable fee may apply for the service.

NDIS Specific Provisions:

At The Little Black Duck Co. Pty Ltd, our handling of personal information for NDIS participants is undertaken with the greatest care and responsibility, strictly adhering to the guidelines set by the NDIS Commission. Here is what this entails for our clients:

  1. Assurance of Confidentiality: We recognise that information pertinent to NDIS plans and services is highly sensitive. We assure our clients that all such information is kept confidential and utilised solely for providing the bespoke support and services detailed in their NDIS plan.
  2. Ethical Utilisation of Information: Our team is committed to the ethical management of participant information. This means data collected in the context of NDIS service provision is used exclusively for its intended purpose – to support and enhance the care and services we provide to our NDIS participants, and not for any unrelated purposes.
  3. Respect for Client Autonomy and Consent: Consent is fundamental to our approach. We seek explicit consent from our clients before gathering, utilising, or sharing their NDIS-related information, ensuring they maintain control over their data and are fully apprised of its utilisation.
  4. Transparency in Data Handling: We maintain transparency in all our practices related to the handling of NDIS participants’ information. This encompasses clearly informing clients about the nature of the information we collect, the reasons for its collection, and how it will be utilised in their care.
  5. Secure Storage and Management: All NDIS-related information is stored and managed securely, with access restricted to authorised personnel only. We employ robust systems and procedures to avert unauthorised access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction of personal data.
  6. Regular Review and Compliance: We regularly review our privacy practices to ensure ongoing adherence to NDIS Commission requirements. This involves staying informed of any changes in privacy legislation and NDIS guidelines and adapting our practices as necessary.
  7. Clients’ Rights to Access and Amend Information: In line with NDIS Commission requirements, clients have the right to access and correct their personal information in our possession. This ensures the information used in managing their NDIS plan is accurate and current.
  8. Prompt Addressing of Privacy Concerns: Should our clients have any queries or concerns regarding the use of their information in relation to their NDIS plan, we are committed to addressing these issues swiftly and effectively.

Contacting Us:

  • For any privacy-related inquiries or to access your personal information, contact us at


At The Little Black Duck Co. Pty Ltd, we are dedicated to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of our clients, respecting the unique diversity of each individual and maintaining a safe, inclusive, and neuroaffirming environment.

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