LEGO®-Based Therapy – Reporting Pack


A set of 4 templates used to make tracking and reporting information easier in a LEGO®-Based Therapy social program.



The LEGO®-Based Therapy reporting pack is an add on option to help simplify the information tracking in a LEGO®-Based Therapy program.

The pack includes:

  1. A fonts pack to maintain consistency in the design
  2. 2 x PDF files to track information during each session
  3. 1 x Word file to gather information about suitability for a LEGO®-Based Therapy program on client intake
  4. 1 x Word template to use when writing final reports for your participants
  5. 30min zoom based implementation session to go through all the files and answer any questions that may arise

Once you have purchased your pack you can follow this link to book in your implementation session