The Warrior Project

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The Warrior Project

A program that focuses on mindfulness and body awareness to help manage anxiety.

About the Warrior Project

A journal-based program that combines movement, breathwork, mindfulness, and body awareness to help manage anxiety.

The Warrior Project is an evidence-informed journal-based program designed to support the wellbeing of autistic individuals. It is the first well-being program developed by The Little Black Duck and it formed the foundation to many of the guiding principles we still follow today. It was originally developed to help young children understand and manage their anxiety, before it is even called anxiety.

It grew into a program to help autistic people understand and manage their anxiety. It draws on many expressive therapies, such as art, music and play therapy, it uses literal language and clear instructions and can be picked up by anyone and used without any specific training.

The Warrior Project follows a biological/neurological approach to emotional regulation, and implements both a bottom-up (movement, breathing, regulation) as well as a top-down approach (mindfulness, body scanning, activity) to helping the body regulate

Program Setup

The Warrior Project has four different types of program options, depending on the support level required.

Group – The Warrior Project delivered in a group format, across 10 weeks, by a trained facilitator. There is a maximum of 4 participants in each group
Individual – The Warrior Project delivered in an individual format. Whilst this model follows the 10 week program as a guide, it allows for greater flexibility by allowing the facilitator to adapt the program to meet the pace and needs of the individual
User training – This is a great option for parents or support workers who want to use the journal with their child/client. It breaks down the principals of the journal, how to use it effectively and how to pace it to individual needs.
Facilitator training – This program is designed to teach peple who want to run The Warrior Project in clinic. It includes everything in the user training, plus research, methodology and the structure behind the 10 week program


The Warrior Project has several components to it, which helps to manage the flexibility of how you choose to use it.

The Journal

The journal is the foundation to The Warrior Project. It is available in A4 or A5

The Kit

The kit is a companion to the journal and has all the regulation tools suggested in the journal.

Posters and Cards

The posters and cards are colourful versions of some of the journal pages.

Program guide

The program guide and training manual are designed to give you the research behind the program

Further Details

To find out more about The Warrior Project please get in contact with The Little Black Duck for more information

Type of Program

User training
Facilitator training

Group size

4 Participants
1 Facilitator


Online or in-person
Small group sizes of 5-10 people


5yrs +


To be announced


To be announced


Individual: 10×1 hour sessions
Group: 10×1 hour sessions
Facilitator training: 16hrs
User training: 5hrs


Journal: $90
Kit: $60
Card Pack: $50
Poster Pack: A4 $70 | A2 $150
Group: 10 sessions – $1000 including an intake session, journal, kit, and exit report.
Individual: 10 sessions – $2100 including an intake session, journal, kit, and exit report.
User training: $350, includes training manual journal and kit.
Facilitator training: $1600 including journal, kit, card pack, program guide, training manual and A4 poster pack


In-person: at 418 Wilson St, Albury
Online: Via Zoom

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