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The Little Black Duck Autism consultation, education, support, and individual skill development


Understanding the developmental changes that occur during adolescence for people with autistic neurology.

About autistic neurology during adolesence

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Workshop Summary

Autism 101 is an introductory level workshop that aims to give people a rounded understanding of autism and what it is like to be a person with autistic neurology. This workshop takes you on a journey to understanding autism from the autistic perspective. It begins with looking at the medical model of autism and follows through with how the diagnosis looks from the autistic perspective.
Duration: 2 hours Cost: $50

Learning outcomes

The three-hour program covers

  1. What is the same and what is different between autistic teens and non-autistic teens
  2. Neurological changes that occur during adolescence
  3. Social development, including neurological changes, communication differences friendships and connecting to the broader community
  4. Sexual development – Including puberty and differences in male and female sexual development and significant relationships
  5. Identity – this component covers gender identity, autistic identity and authentic identity
  6. Mental health – The challenges with mental health, statistics and what it can look like
  7. Different ways of supporting individual development

Presentation outline

Presentation in detail

Type of Training



$90 per person


Approx 3 hours


Zoom or in-person


To be announced


To be announced


In-person: at 418 Wilson St, Albury
Online: Via Zoom

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Visual Supports and Communication Tools

The Little Black Duck offers a range of customised and pre-designed visual supports to help develop communication, connection and relationships.

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