LEGO®-Based Therapy

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LEGO®-Based Therapy

A fun and playful way build relationship and communication skills

About LEGO®-Based therapy

LEGO®-Based therapy is an evidence-based approach that aims to develop children’s knowledge about themselves and the world around them. It is designed to be fun, create social connections, and improve relationships.

LEGO®-Based Therapy is an evidence-informed, play-based, social communication program, developed by Daniel LeGoff in the early 2000’s. It is a child lead, gentle way of helping develop social communication skills whilst still being true to the individual’s neurotype.

LEGO®-Based Therapy is a strengths-based program that works by teaching the participant observation and adaptability skills rather than rote language or a checklist of social information. The participants learn to look to each other for information, support and build relationships in a safe and respectful environment.

LEGO®-Based Therapy doesn’t aim to make the autistic child communicate more typically, but, instead, it gives them the tools they need to adapt how they communicate. It is designed to be fun, create connections, and improve relationships.

LEGO®-Based therapy is an evidence-based approach that aims to develop children’s knowledge about themselves and the world around them. Lego therapy has been shown to build capacity around sharing their feelings, communicating to others, and regulating their emotions and behavior in a calming environment, while utilising the benefits of play.


Group: This is the traditional way of delivering LEGO®-Based therapy. It involves 3 participants working together to complete short builds. This delivery option is good for kids that have some communication (either verbal or AAC) and can maintain attention for 10+minutes at a time. The price includes and intake and exit meeting.
Individual: These 1 on 1 sessions use LEGO®-Based therapy methods to help build the skills a person needs to be in the group-based program
Family: This is a great option for a family of LEGO® lovers. It includes components of parent training to help parents support their child’s independent communication as well as their relationships.

What are the benefits to LEGO®-Based Therapy and playing with LEGO®?

LEGO®-Based Therapy has been shown to:

  • Reduce problem behaviours by helping to improve communication and building social connections
  • Improves critical thinking by encouraging the person to work through their problems and think about their responses
  • Improve social communication by creating an environment where they have to communicate to have their needs met
  • Builds and helps to maintain friendships by creating a shared activity where the participants are reliant on eachother to get the job done
  • Improving social interactions by teaching the participant to become more observant of their environment and the people in it
  • Improving social competence by helping them to think about how the other person is receiving and understanding their communication
  • Improved teamwork through collaboration and necessity
  • Increases sense of belonging by finding other people that may be struggling with communication and relationships and all learning together
  • Improves family relationships (when running as a parent-implemented program) by increasing the parent’s ability to read and understand their child and improving attachment
  • Improves adaptability and coping skills by increasing critical thinking skills and having a safe and responsive environment
  • Improved wellbeing in the participant through increased connectivity to community, better adaptability and increased sense of awareness
  • Improves adaptability
  • Improves confidence and emotional wellbeing

Type of Program


Group size

3 Participants
1 Facilitator
Parent Facilitator option


5-16 years


Age: 5-7yrs

Date: 08/02 – 12/04 2022 –

Time: 9.30am-10.30am


Individual: as needed
Group: 10 ×1 hour sessions
Family: 6×1 hour sessions


Individual: $160/hr
Group: $1370/10 sessions
Family: $1500


In-person: at 418 Wilson St, Albury
Online: Via Zoom

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