Autistic Discovery and Identity

Autistic Discovery and Identity

The journey to discovering your authentic self

What is our Autistic Discovery and Identity program?

Our uniquely tailored program is aimed at supporting the autistic individual as they go through the journey of discovering their authentic autistic self

The Framework

Having a good understanding with your autistic identity and understanding/advocating for supports that have value to you and your needs has been shown to improve wellbeing in the autistic individual. In their book “The 9 Degrees of Autism”, Wylie, Lawson and Beardon outline nine stages of growth and acceptance for autistic people as a guide for how autistic people develop and grow into their strengths and identity. The process is not necessarily linear, nor does it follow a specific time frame, it is simply a guide that can help an autistic individual as they go through the journey of knowing themselves.

Our Discovery and Identity program is aimed at supporting the individual, with knowledge, compassion and unity, as they go through the journey of discovering their own unique authenticity and sense of self. It is wellbeing-focused and aims to travel with you on your journey of self-discovery, rather than diagnosis. These sessions are specifically tailored to the individual accessing them.

The path to discovery and understanding how your neurology works can be lonely and isolating, our job is to help you feel less alone, find your authenticity, and provide a safe space for you to explore who you are.

We often approach autism from a deficit perspective, often receiving a diagnosis of autism when everything is falling apart. This often creates a disconnect between the way we may have always seen ourselves with the diagnostic version of self. It can make it difficult to come to terms with how we fit the diagnostic sterotype. We approach autism from a growth and neurodiversity framework, this allows us to explore the strengths that come from the autistic neurological profile. Our aim is to provide a space for individual growth and wellbeing.

Individual Sessions

Individual sessions are highly customised, we follow the clients lead as to how they need to process and communicate. Sometimes our clients need to paint or draw to help them process information, sometimes they like to sit with some tea and biscuits and at other times they may prefer to walk and talk. Each session can be the same or different.

Group Sessions

Group sessions focus on discovering your autistic authentic self through the shared experience of others. As a group you decide on the topics that we will discuss.

Topics Covered

Each week will cover a new topic including:

  • What do we know about autism?
  • What is autism?
  • Other autistic people
  • What are the strengths and challenges that come to being autistic?
  • Navigating friendships, whilst still being authentic to my own needs
  • Understanding my individual sensory needs.
  • Navigating burnout
  • Navigating the challenges of being an adult

Skills Developed

During the workshop series participants have to opportunity to develop the following skills

  • Self advocacy
  • Self awareness
  • Self care
  • Social Skills
  • Relationship skills
  • Language
  • Communication
  • Interoception
  • Knowledge of self
  • Self reporting

What are the 9 degrees of autism?

The First Degree of Autism

Being born on the autism spectrum

The Second Degree of Autism

Knowing that we are different, without understanding why

The Third Degree of Autism

Developing secondary health issues that we were not born with

The Fourth Degree of Autism

Discovering autistic neurology and self-identification

The Fifth Degree of Autism

Consideration of all options and questioning if autism is “it”

The Sixth Degree of Autism

Resolution to live with autism: the crisis of identity. Unravelling and learning who you are

The Seventh Degree of Autism

Acceptance of the strengths and challenges that come with your neurology

The Eighth Degree of Autism

Unconditional service, using your strengths to give back to others

The Ninth Degree of Autism

Recognition, mastery, and unity.

Group size

4 Participants
1 Facilitator


Group 1: 17 – 21yrs
Group 2: 22 – 30yrs

Group3: 30+


Group times: To be announced

Individual sessions: Book a consultation here


Groups: To be announced


10×1 hour sessions


10 sessions – $1015 including all materials, light refreshments and exit report


In-person at 418 Wilson St, Albury
If either side of the border goes into lockdown the sessions will move to the zoom platform

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