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Services and supports that focus on wellbeing

The focus of all interventions we offer centers on wellbeing. We offer three different types of supports: Individual, Group, and Community

Individual Supports and Therapies


The little black duck works with people in both a 1:1 capacity as well as small groups of 3-4 people using a neurodiversity approach to focus on the needs and wellbeing of the autistic individual. To achieve this we use a variety of methodologies and evidence-informed approaches including:

  • Virtual Reality – We use virtual reality headsets to help develop friendships, improve movement and co-ordination, play and executive functioning
  • Autplay – Autplay is a play based therapy designed for autistic people by autistic people. It focuses on 3 core developmental areas of emotional wellbeing, social wellbeing and sensory wellbeing
  • DIR Floortime – Greenspan’s floortime approach is a child lead, play based therapy that uses a biological approach and focuses on supporting the sensory/nervous system so the individual has capacity to access communication and social interaction
  • A developmental approach – A developmental approach focuses on the core principal that the autistic brain is developing the way it is supposed to, which is unique and individualised. This approach supports authentic autistic development rather than expecting the autistic brain to develop the same way that the dominant neurotype does.
  • Sensory integration – Understanding the sensory response is vital to supporting authentic autistic development, it is how autistic people play, understand and interact with the environment and socialise.
  • Monotropic Thinking – Monotropism is a unifying theory on autism developed by autistic researchers. Monotropic thinking theorises that autistic neurology is singular focused – meaning that it works best when focusing and doing singular tasks. This is opposed to polytropic thinking, the ability to manage many tasks, which is the dominant thinking style.
  • Strengths focused – We focus on and celebrate the individual’s strengths
  • Autistic wellbeing – Autistic wellbeing is impacted differently to that of non-autistic people. We use the individual’s wellbeing profile to help support the individual to reach their goals.
  • Trauma informed – We use a trauma informed approach when working with the individual to understand the impact on communication and sensory challenges experienced by the individual
  • Play and creativity – We use creativity and authentic autistic play that is child-led to develop a relationship with the individuals

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Autism consultation, education, support and individual skill development
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