My Autistic Identity

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My Autistic Identity

A workshop for autistic children and teens to understand their autistic identity

My Autistic Identity

My autistic Identity is a workshop for autistic children and teens to understand and embrace their autistic identity.

About the program

The Little Black Duck is excited to offer a new program that’s focused on helping autistic children and teenagers to understand and work with (rather than against) their awesome autistic identity.

Having an understanding of your autistic neurology, as well as having a positive relationship with your autistic identity has been shown to improve wellbeing in autistic people. Having an understanding of how your brain works, and being proud of the unique way you think and function is an important aspect of developing a strong concept of self and identity.
Our 10-session workshop is a strengths focused program that teaches the participants to recognise and use the unique talents and differences that come with the autistic neurological profile.
Each session goes for an hour and encourages the participants to ask questions, explore their identity and discuss the challenges they are experiencing.

Topics Covered

Each week will cover a new topic including:

  • What do we know about autism?
  • What is autism?
  • Other autistic people
  • What are the strengths and challenges that come to being autistic?
  • Navigating friendships, whilst still being authentic to my own needs
  • Understanding my individual sensory needs.

Skills Developed

During the workshop series participants have to opportunity to develop the following skills

  • Self advocacy
  • Self awareness
  • Self care
  • Social Skills
  • Relationship skills
  • Language
  • Communication
  • Interoception
  • Knowledge of self
  • Self reporting

Group size

4 Participants
1 Facilitator


Group 1: 7 – 10yrs
Group 2: 12 – 15yrs


Monday and Thursdays,
November 18 – December 20


Group 1: 2PM – 3PM
Group 2: 5PM – 6PM


10 1 hour sessions
2 sessions per week


10 sessions – $1015 including all materials


In-person at 418 Wilson St, Albury
If either side of the border goes into lockdown the sessions will move to the zoom platform

Registration forms

  • General registration information
  • Sensory information
  • Group Registration

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