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The Details

About the Group

Running once a week for the duration of the term. The Little Black Duck Minecraft Social Group is a great way for kids to learn cooperation, communication and form friendships in the minecraft environment.

The program includes both table based craft and activities and in game co-operative play.

During the 10week program the attendants will

  • Work together to plan and achieve goals within the game environment
  • Work on emotional and social development
  • Have social interactions
  • Spend time with other like minded kids


Participants will have the opportunity to make:

  • Minecraft pearler bead patterns
  • A Working Minecraft Torch
  • Slime
  • Minecraft Cooking

Participants will need to have some experience in minecraft


Participants will need their own laptop, i-pad or android tablet with a working version of minefraft

The Highlights

Group duration

This group runs for a 10 week term

Session Time

This group runs for a 2 hour session


The group costs $400 for the term*

Group Size

We have a minimum of 3 participants and a maximum of 6

Skills Required

Some experience playing minecraft

Age Range

Recommended for participants 5 years +

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