Welcome to the NDIS outcomes survey. Many of you are aware that the NDIS is a new and changing landscape. There is a lot of uncertainty about the future and discrepancy in the current plans. This survey is designed to gather de-identified information about your NDIS package, what you did before and what you took in with you to your planning meeting. The data will be used to develop a guide to help you achieve the best possible outcomes in your next NDIS meeting. This autism specific survey should take 5-10 mins to complete and is only for people accessing the NDIS with autism as part or all of their access request. Thank you for your participation

These questions are about the person accessing the NDIS
What is the person's diagnosis
How old is the person on the NDIS?
Biological gender
What formal supports did you have in place before transitioning to the NDIS?
Do you have any other diagnosed co-occurring conditions?
Did you use any of your co-occuring conditions as part of your NDIS access request?
What is your postcode or NDIS region?
These questions relate to your planning/review session with the NDIS. Please only answer in relation to your last approved plan.
Because planning is a two stage process we want to see how well your LAC represented your needs to the planners. Do you feel your LAC understood your needs and represented you well?
Are you satisfied with the outcome of your NDIS plan? Do you feel it will adequately meet your needs for the year?
Who came with you to your planning session? please select all that apply:
How long have you been on the NDIS?
How much did you receive in your NDIS package?
Did you receive more or less than you feel you need to cover your supports for the year?
What paperwork did you take with you to your NDIS session?

Thank you for your input

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