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Introduction to Autism

Welcome to autism. This workshop takes you through the basics of

  • What autism is
  • How it is different
  • Gain better understanding
  • Learn techniques to help you manage family dynamics

Meet other families in a relaxed environment, ask questions, get answers.

Visuals – The basics

Visuals are a large part of communication for people with Autism. It conveys information quickly, is easy to interpret and quick to follow.

This workshop takes you through the basics of setting up a visual support system. From creating your own visuals to implementing your own ABA based visual communication system.

Visuals – Beyond the basics

This workshop takes you beyond the basic schedules, routines and Pec cards and introduces you to

  • Story boarding
  • Social Stories
  • Comic Strip Conversations
  • If/Then Statements
  • Mind mapping and Flowcharts
  • Scripting

Autism in the Workplace Workshops

Getting ready for the workplace is an overwhelming notion for any person, but it is greatly compounded when you have autism. There are so many new social nuances and rules to learn that it can become a daunting experience.

The Little Black Duck’s Autism in the Workplace workshops are designed to teach you

  • Interview skills
  • Conversational small talk
  • How to write a resume
  • How to dress and present yourself for an interview and ongoing job placement
  • Your rights and responsibilities in the work environment
  • Career counselling
  • Keep your Cool skills.

Comic Strip Conversations Workshop

Learn the basics behind Carol Grey’s lesser known, but so much more useful, Comic Strip Conversations. Comic strip conversations are a unique way of communicating with your child on the spectrum through simple drawings and illustrations. They are designed to help your child understand social interactions, conversations, problem solve and understand another person’s point of view.

It is a very effective tool for older children and teenagers with communication and social difficulties to help the traverse the pitfalls and difficulties of social requirements.

Understanding Behaviour Workshop

All behaviour is communication. Understanding the motivations behind any behaviour helps you understand what it is that your child is trying to communicate to you.

This workshop provides you with the tools and skills needed to investigate, understand and begin to modify behaviours. These behaviours could include anything from something simple like sharing or manors to more challenging meltdowns and aggressive behaviour

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