Autistic wellbeing and quality of life


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We invite you to come on a journey with us as we unpack what it is to be autistic from the neurodiverse perspective The Little Black Duck is running a 2-day workshop on autism in the Penrith NSW area. We invite you to come on a journey with us as we unpack what it is to be autistic. This interactive workshop is designed to delve into the autistic neurological profile and understand what autism is from a neurodiversity paradigm.  

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Quality of life should be the focus of any intervention. This seminar looks at the research on wellbeing and how we can support and improve autistic wellbeing


To change how we conceptualise wellbeing in the autistic community and become more conscientious of the intervention strategies we use.


  • 3 hours including 5-10 min breaks every hour

Dates & Times:

  1. 16/03/2023  | 9.30-12.30
  2. 15/06/2023  | 9.30-12.30
  3. 21/09/2023  | 9.30-12.30
  4. 21/12/2023  | 9.30-12.30

Learning outcomes:

  • Your understanding of quality of life
  • What is Quality of Life
  • Quality of life in the autistic population
  • Strengths based practice in therapy and support
  • Quality of life, Autism and Research
  • Predictors of Quality of Life in the autistic population
  • Interventions and supports that improve quality of life

Prior Knowledge:

  • An understanding of the neurodiversity paradigm
  • An understanding of neuro-affirming practice
  • A basic understanding of what autism is


  • PDF of slides
  • Access to recording for 3 months

Optional additions:

  • Research pack
  • Certificate for PD hours

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16/03/2023 – 9.30-12.30 , 15/06/2023 – 9.30-12.30 , 21/09/2023 – 9.30-12.30 , 21/12/2023 – 9.30-12.30 


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