Rhythm and Movement 50 Pack


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Originally developed for my son, when his primary form of traditional communication was echolalia, These rhythm cards are great for engaging with the individual you care for. Through these cards you can introduce them to instruments, clapping, humming or singing and other body movements.

Each note is colour coded with the addition of the French Time Names written below, so you simply say the note.

These cards come as a pack of 50. The cards come individually as a .png. You receive a .zip file once you payment is processed, the .png files are inside the .zip. Or you can purchase them individually in the individual cards section.

As usual you can purchase your cards in the following ways:

  • An onscreen only download – This is a low resolution file, perfect for making onscreen layouts to use on a tablet or phone making your visuals portable @ .90c per card – $45
  • A printable download – This is a high resolution printable image, perfect for placing into your layouts and printing – $1.20 Per card – $60
  • Printed and posted – High quality print, trimmed and ready to use – $100. Packaging size – A4
  • Laminated and posted – High quality print, seal laminated, final card measurements 65mmx95mm. Packaging Size – 10x7x7cm
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