Autism myths and why they persist


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There are many myths surrounding autism, both as a diagnosis and as a neurological minority. There are many reasons behind this, including how we assess for autism, how we conduct research around autism, how mass media reports on autism, and the persistence of outdated research.

Workshop aim

To understand what myths surround autism, where they come from and how to change our thinking based in current knowledge.

Who should attend?

This workshop is great for

    • Family members, friends and supporters – to gain a greater understanding of autism, dispel myths that they may have heard other people tell them, and develop a greater awareness of therapist knowledge on autism.
    • Therapists and practitioners – this workshop can help update knowledge, share and connect with other learners, and learn about new strategies and interventions
    • Autistic people – This workshop can help develop new knowledge about self, dispel myths you may have heard, and gain additional information about how the autistic brain works and functions

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02/06/2023 – 10.00-12.00PM, 01/09/2023 – 10.00-12.00PM, 01/12/2023 – 10.00-12.00PM


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