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About the group

The mine and craft social club is a fun 10 week program The Minecraft Social Group is an exciting, fun filled 10 week, minecraft themed social program. It is developed as a place where children can come together and work on social development, make connections through a shared interest and further develop social interactions through structured and unstructured activities.

This program is designed for children with autism, but is open to any child, as children best learn through peer observation

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Skill Development

  • Critical thinking skills
  • Creative thinking and creativity
  • Lateral Thinking
  • 3 Dimensional thinking skills
  • Problem solving, organisation and planning through construction
  • Develop and encourage social interactions to happen naturally.
  • Improve Critical thinking skills
  • Develop Cognitive thinking skills
  • Create friendships based on mutual interests
  • Develop group thinking skills
  • Develop co-opperative play skills
  • Improve and develop adaptive behaviour skills.
  • Develop introspection and social thinking
  • Emotional Development
  • Improve social skills through
    • Group discussion
    • Public Speaking
    • Rule Following
    • Turn Taking
    • Social interactive skills

Projects completed

Table activities:

  • Emotion charts and masks
  • Make your own Minecraft board game
  • Bag Hangers
  • Minecraft science – Make and play with green slime
  • Create Minecraft in the real world through papercraft
  • Pixel art – make yourself a Minecraft character
  • Design and make your own Minecraft t-shirt
  • Minecraft cooking – Make a creeper pizza.

In Game Activities

  • Build a house
  • Build a fun park
  • Build a library and enchantment room
  • Sustainability
  • Crafting and armoury room
  • Sky Fortress with sky garden and elevator
  • Volcano and underground lair
  • Build an underwater observation room
  • Underground Subway
  • Go on a treasure hunt

Program Details

The program is based on a 10 week schedule, generally once the program has started, it is closed to new participants. Group is capped at 6 participants.

Cost: $300 for the term or $35 per individual session.

Time: 4pm-6pm

When: New program running in 2016, term 1. Days to be confirmed


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