Females on the Autism Spectrum – New


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A poster showing the differences in the female presentation of autism. 

image contains a female in the center. content is divided into 4 uneven sections
Content reads:
Heading: Females on the Autism Spectrum
Section 1: Behaviour:
Less prone to act out physically or aggressively
Intense focus on a particular subject, often involving animals or classic literature
Appears anxious when there are changes in routine
Observes human behaviour, learning to mask difficulties
Practices rituals that appear to have no function
May play with dolls or toys well beyond the typical age for these items
Tenancy toward perfectionism in certain aspects of her life
High risk of having episodes of eating disorders and self medication
Stimming behaviors, such as hand flapping, rocking, or spinning can appear much milder. They can also be internalised/thoughts instead of external behaviours
May apologise and appease when they make a social error
Often more socially aware and driven
Section 2: Communication
More aware of the need for social interaction
May have an exceptional vocabulary
Tends to mimic rather than providing natural responses
May converse in predictable, “scripted” ways
Seems to struggle with non-verbal aspects of communication, such as body language and tone of voice
May use odd inflection
Appears to have difficulty dealing with unexpected verbal responses
More able to follow social actions through observation
Section 3: Social
Usually has only one or two close friends at school
May have difficulty fitting in due to clothing and hairstyle choices
May make greater efforts to avoid drawing attention to themselves
Appears excessively shy or avoids interacting with others or making the first move socially
Can be quite controlling in play
Seems uncomfortable during conversation. Can struggle with eye contact
Often “mothered” by others in primary school but bullied in high school
May play appropriately with toys and engage in pretend play or may focus on organizing objects or toys
Often shows empathy and compassion but may be confused by non-verbal social signals
Usually holds it together well while out and explodes at home

Final section: Note
Males may often present with many of these traits, just like females can present with the more male type traits. It is called a female presentation because it is more commonly seen amongst females on the autism spectrum

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