Autistic play styles

A narrative analysis of over 40 autobiographies by autistic people to understand the inner experience of play from the autistic perspective.


Colorado, USA - April 7, 2015: Studio shot of Lego Unikitty. Legos are a popular line of plastic construction toys manufactured by The Lego Group, a company based in Denmark.

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Autistic Discovery and Identity

Our uniquely tailored program is aimed at supporting the autistic individual as they go through the journey of discovering their authentic autistic self

VR Group for Teens

A new type of social group that reduces the exhaustion of typical social skill programs and focuses on the authenticity behind autistic friendship, relationships, and communication

The Warrior Project

A journal-based program that combines movement, breathwork, mindfulness, and body awareness to help manage anxiety.

Minecraft Social Group

Our Minecraft group aims at connecting children on the autism spectrum with each other through a shared interest in Minecraft.

Adolescent Wellbeing Groups

Interest based groups that are customised to meet the unique developmental needs of autistic teens, focusing on friendships, emotional wellbeing and identity

AutPlay Therapy

A therapeutic approach that focuses on connection and relationship through play where both the child and adult are co-agents for change

LEGO®-Based Therapy

LEGO®-Based therapy is an evidence-based approach that aims to develop children’s knowledge about themselves and the world around them. It is designed to be fun, create social connections, and improve relationships.