Understanding autistic communication styles

An extended look at communication, what it is, how it differs with autistic neurology, different communication styles and how we can learn to adapt to meet the diversity of this neurotype’s communication needs and support options

Autism and Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the most common co-occurring conditions experienced by autistic people, the effect on wellbeing and longterm health can be devastating. This workshop aims to unpack anxiety and understand some of the causes from a developmental, neurological and relationship perspective.

Autism, quality of life and wellbeing

Autistic people, on average, experience very poor quality of life outcomes. This workshop is an in depth look at the research on quality of life in the autistic population and how we can work toward changing these outcomes

Autism and the “female” presentation

The “female” presentation of autism is often considered a more “subtle” version of autism.
This workshop explores this presentation of autism and how it fits in the continuum of autistic neurology

Comic strip conversations

This workshop is an introduction to understanding and using Carol Grey’s Comic Strip Conversations. Comic strip conversations are a great tool for helping to support theory of mind and social cognition.

Planning for the long haul

Planning for the long haul aims at developing long term thinking and planning skills in people who are providing support for those on the spectrum. This workshop focuses on using the strengths of autistic people to improve wellbeing

Autism and Aging

As autistic adults mature into autistic elders how do their lives, neurology and biology change and how can we support great wellbeing across the lifespan?

Autistic neurology during adolesence

This workshop is designed to help expand your knowledge of some of the underlying physical, emotional and neurological changes that may be contributing to the outward expression of some of our autistic teen’s behaviours. By having a deeper understanding of the developmental differences for autistic teens we can make more informed decisions on how we implement support and intervention

Autism 101

NDIS support

This workshop takes you on a journey to understanding autism from the autistic perspective. It begins with looking at the medical model of autism and follows through with how the diagnosis looks from the autistic perspective