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Terms of Use



Please read these Terms of Use carefully before accessing or using this website (the “Site”).



By accessing or using this Site in any way, you agree to and are bound by the terms and conditions set forth in this document and in any changes hereto that The Little Black Duck, (“The Little Black Duck”) may publish from time to time (collectively, the “Terms of Use”). If you do not agree to all of the terms and conditions contained in the Terms of Use, do not access or use this Site.

The Little Black Duck may change these Terms of Use and other guidelines and rules posted on the Site from time to time. Your continued access or use of the Site constitutes your acceptance of such changes. Your access and use of the Site will be subject to the current version of the Terms of Use, rules and guidelines posted on the Site at the time of such use. Please regularly check the “Terms of Use” link on the home page of The Little Black Duck.com.au to view the then-current terms. If you breach any of the Terms of Use, your license to access or use this Site shall automatically terminate.



All images and other content on this Site (collectively the “Content”), as well as the selection and arrangement of the Content, are protected by copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret and other intellectual property laws and treaties (collectively, “Intellectual Property Laws”). Any unauthorized use of any Content may violate such laws and the Terms of Use. Except as expressly provided herein or in the Subscriber Terms of Service, The Little Black Duck does not grant any express or implied permission to use any Content. You agree to use this for personal use only and not to copy, republish, frame, link to, download, transmit, modify, adapt, create derivative works based on, rent, lease, loan, sell, assign, distribute, display, perform, license, sublicense or reverse engineer the Site or any or the Content. In addition, you agree not to use any data mining, robots or similar data and/or image gathering and extraction methods in connection with the Site or Content.



For the purposes of these Terms of Use, the term, “Trademark(s)” means all common law or registered trademarks, logos, service marks, trade names, Internet domain names, or other indications of origin now or in the future used by The Little Black Duck.

Nothing contained herein grants or shall be construed to grant you any rights to use any The Little Black Duck Trademark, unless expressly conferred by these Terms of Use.

You agree that you will not use The Little Black Duck’s Trademarks in any manner that might tarnish, disparage, or reflect adversely on such Trademarks or The Little Black Duck.

You agree that you will not contest or otherwise challenge (e.g., in any legal action or otherwise), or assist or encourage any other person or entity to contest or challenge, the validity of any of The Little Black Duck Trademarks or the Trademark rights claimed by The Little Black Duck.

You agree that you will not use any The Little Black Duck Trademark or any variant thereof including misspellings as a domain name or as part of a domain name regardless of the top-level domain, or as a metatag, keyword, or any other type of programming code or data.

You may not at any time, adopt or use, without The Little Black Duck’s prior written consent any word or mark which is similar to or likely to be confused with The Little Black Duck’s Trademarks.

The look and feel of the The Little Black Duck website, including all page headers, custom graphics, button icons, and scripts, is the trade dress and/or trademark or service mark of The Little Black Duck and may not be copied, imitated or used, in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of The Little Black Duck.

All other trademarks, product names, and company names or logos used or appearing on the The Little Black Duck website are the property of their respective owners. Reference to any products, services, processes or other information, by trade name, trademark, manufacturer, supplier or otherwise does not constitute or imply endorsement, sponsorship or recommendation thereof by The Little Black Duck, unless expressly so stated.

You may not use The Little Black Duck trademark, logo, Image or other proprietary graphic of The Little Black Duck to link to The Little Black Duck website without the prior written consent of The Little Black Duck.

You may not frame or hotlink to The Little Black Duck website or any Image without the prior written consent of The Little Black Duck.



If you believe that any Image or other material made available by The Little Black Duck infringes upon any copyright that you own or control, you may notify The Little Black Duck.

- See more at: http://thelittleblackduck.com.au/lbd/the-legal-stuff/terms-of-use/#sthash.2D7QEZXu.dpuf

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