In my life before children I was a graphic designer. It really does feel like a life time ago. In this incarnation of my life I am a communication consultant and a mother of 4 children. I am not a communication consultant in the media sense, I am a communication consultant for people that are unable to communicate for themselves. I create unique, tailored, and totally individualised communication tools to help create communication where otherwise there wouldn’t be.

I use a mix of ABA, Floortime, PECs, Comic Strip Conversations, Social Stories, Music therapy, sensory integration, makaton signs and positive parenting methods to produce my unique range of communication devices to help open up a new world of communication between you and your child. I developed these methods over the past 9 years while working with my own autistic children, my experience as a graphic designer and working in a myTime Playgroup. I look at communication in a holistic way.

Visuals through the lifetime

The Little Black Duck is committed to assisting and supporting people with autism to reach the highest potential without changing who they are or how they think.

The biggest impediment to autism is communication. Communication from the person with autism, from the people in their lives and with professionals. It is one of the biggest barriers surrounding people on the spectrum. The Little Black Duck aims to provide a rich tapestry of communication tools to improve the communication between you and your loved ones.

The little black duck believes that autism is a neurological difference and as such, a person should not have to change who they are to be successful. The focus of The Little Black Duck is to focus on the strengths that people bring to the community while supporting the areas that are still developing.

I believe that trying everything and incorporating as many forms of communication in your every day language with your child will create a rich tapestry of information that some of it will grab their attention and hold their interest for long enough to bring them into our world, if only for a moment. Persistence and consistency are the keys to success. I know that through focusing on your child’s skills and abilities I can help you develop rich communication between you and your child.